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About Stuart Ranch
About Stuart Ranch


How Long Has Stuart Ranch Been in Operation?

Stuart Ranch, Oklahoma’s oldest ranch under continuous family ownership, was founded in 1868, well before Oklahoma was granted statehood. Learn more.

Who Owns and Operates Stuart Ranch?
Stuart Ranch is currently owned by the Stuart family and operated by Terry Stuart Forst, the fifth generation in Stuart Ranch’s family history. Learn more.
Who Founded Stuart Ranch?
Robert Clay Freeny established what is now known as Stuart Ranch in 1868. Learn more.
How Many Generations are Involved in Stuart Ranch’s History?
The 5th generation of the Stuart Ranch family currently operates the ranch. Two members of the 6th generation currently run enterprises within the ranch. The 7th generation of the ranch began just over a decade ago. Learn more.
Where is Stuart Ranch Located?

Stuart Ranch is located in four Oklahoma counties accounting for more than 40,000 acres across the state. The main headquarters of Stuart Ranch has moved from Caddo, Oklahoma in Bryan County to Waurika Oklahoma in Jefferson County.

Stuart Ranch’s office address is 9554 N 2824 Road, Waurika, OK 73573.

Where is Stuart Ranch Outfitters Located?
Stuart Ranch Outfitters is located in Waurika, Oklahoma.
Where is Stuart Ranch Meat Company Located?
Stuart Ranch Meat Co. functions mainly as an online store that you can shop at anytime from anywhere. However, if you are in the area, feel free to drop by our storefront in Downtown Waurika, Oklahoma.

Stuart Ranch Meat Co.’s storefront address is 107 N Main Waurika, OK 73573

Stuart Ranch Meat Co. products are also available in various retailers and travel centers throughout the state of Oklahoma.

Where is The Lodge at Stuart Ranch Located?
The Lodge at Stuart Ranch is located in Waurika, Oklahoma. Call Clay for directions.
What Makes Stuart Ranch Historical?
Stuart Ranch is the oldest ranch in the state of Oklahoma under continuous family ownership. The ranch was established in 1868, and has grown to more than 40,000 acres spanning four counties since that time. Learn more.
What Awards Has Stuart Ranch Earned?
In 1995, Stuart Ranch was awarded the Best Remuda Award. We have also been inducted into the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association Hall of Fame and been awarded an Excellence in Grazing Management award from Society for Range Management.
What is Stuart Ranch’s Horse Program Like?
Stuart Ranch’s Horse Program is primarily anchored on our generational broodmare band. Our mares raise their own foals, so we value solid producers just as much as solid performers. Learn more.
Where are Stuart Ranch Stallions Standing?
Stuart Ranch currently has two stallions, Seven S Grand Slam and Mister Montana Chic, standing at The Ranch Equine in Texas. Learn more.
Are There Any Job Openings Available at Stuart Ranch?
All full-time, part-time, and dayworker positions at Stuart Ranch are currently filled. If you would like to work at Stuart Ranch, please keep an eye on our social media accounts. We will post any openings there, should any become available.
Is Wholesaling Available for Stuart Ranch Meat Co. Products?

Wholesaling Stuart Ranch Meat Co. products is absolutely possible. Please reach out to to learn more.

How Do I Contact Stuart Ranch?

Whether you’re needing to speak to Stuart Ranch’s ranch manager, office manager, or marketing manager, all of our contact information is spelled out in one place for you right here.

Are There Any Open Hunting Dates at Stuart Ranch Outfitters?

Please contact Clay Forst directly at to inquire about open hunting dates at Stuart Ranch Outfitters.

What Kind of Cattle Makes Up Stuart Ranch’s Herd?
Stuart Ranch’s cattle herd is comprised of Herefords, Angus, Black Baldies, and Corrientes. Learn more.
Why Does Stuart Ranch Brand Their Cattle?
Our brand not only identifies our cattle and helps reduce theft, but it signifies that if you, the consumer, buys anything stamped with the brand, our family and legacy stands behind it. Learn more.
Who is Terry Stuart Forst?
Terry Stuart Forst is the current ranch manager of Stuart Ranch. She is the 5th generation family owner of the ranch, and is responsible for overseeing our operations day in and day out. Terry assumed the role from her father in 1992.

Terry, or “Miss T,” has helped pioneer a seat at the table for women, in what has historically been known as a male-dominated industry. While she has run the ranch, Terry was inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame, served as president of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association, and was named the 2007 Oklahoma Cattleman of the Year. Learn more.

Is The Lodge at Stuart Ranch Available for Parties, Anniversaries, Retreats, Weddings, and Events?
The Lodge at Stuart Ranch primarily serves as a premier southwest destination for hunters. Additionally, The Lodge is available to rent for parties, anniversaries, corporate retreats, weddings, and events in the off seasons. Learn more.
How Many People Can Stay Overnight at The Lodge at Stuart Ranch?
The Lodge at Stuart Ranch has six rooms. Overnight capacity is 14 people.