Cattle Division

Today the ranch has expanded to include over 40,000 acres of native grass. Wheat and rye grass pastures span the plains in the counties of Bryan and Atoka in southeastern Oklahoma and Jefferson and Stephens in southwestern Oklahoma.

Hereford and Black Baldy cows, in both spring and fall calving herds, comprise the cow operation. Both Hereford and Angus bulls are used.

Spring Calves are typically retained and grazed in the wheat pasture operation. Fall calves are generally sold 45 days after weaning.

The ranch both retains and markets quality replacement heifers.

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Cattle Program

The Stuart Ranch cow herd is comprised of 60% Black Baldies and 40% Herefords. The cows are moderate frame and average body weight is 1050-1100 pounds. We stress fertility and maternal traits. Cows calve in one of two sixty day calving periods; February through March and September through October.

Replacement Heifers

The percentage of replacement heifers that are kept are put out with bulls at 14-15 months of age and will begin calving as 2 year olds. Any heifer not breeding or meeting the ranch’s standards will be sold as a feeder heifer.

Health Program Protocol


• Dual dose pink eye with footrot • Vision 7 • Autogenous Dual Dose Respiratory Bacterin • Inforce 3 • Multimin

• Vision 7 • Deworm both Safeguard and injectable Dectomax • Multimin • Vital Stress Boluses • Bovishield

• PI Test • Preg Guard • Multimins • Deworm both Safeguard and injectable Dectomax

• Preg Guard • Deworm • Dectomax • Multimins

7S Stuart Ranch - Featured in The Weekly Livestock Reporter, Southwest Reference 2012

Dual Dose technology promotes consumer friendly beef production

Animal Health programs have grabbed the spotlight in the beef industry for at least the past 15 years. The race to improve the industry and capture lost performance has spent million of dollars in search of products that will help ranchers build a better end product.

SolidTech Animal Health, the first and only USDA-Licensed vaccine manufacturer in the state of Oklahoma, along with its strategic alliance partner Newport Labs set out to design animal health products that could fit into todays production system.

All of the products are killed vaccines, meaning they are safe, and the dual dose technology allows the product to prime and boost the immune system with just one dose, and they produce a bacterin to fit a herd specific need. The vaccine is administered via a Solidoser gun specifically designed for the cattleman.

Commercial products have served most beef producers well, but many were approved over 20 years ago and can mutate and change over the years. The Herd Specific products allow each producer to meet any problems head on.

"The guns are really easy to use. I have given all the implants here at the ranch myself. We have no injection site blemishes, and started a protocol with our calves, implanting them at branding and eliminated our pre-weaning vaccines. It was a little more work at branding, but was worth it because we eliminated handling the cattle again until we wean them."- Terry Stuart


Bulls are purchased from Rausch Herefords in Hoven, South Dakota, Jamison Herefords, in Quinter, Kansas, and Gardiner Angus Ranch in Ashland. All 3 ranches produce outstanding bulls that meet our strict selection critera, and have performed well here.

We appreciate the efforts made by our bull producers to work with us to develop the best commercial herd possible.

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